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Learn how to make your own unique handcrafted soap

Join us and learn how to make an all natural vegan soap using the traditional cold process method. You will learn all about the cold process method, the science of soapmaking, the different oils and butters you can use to make an all natural soap without palm oil. You will find out about essential oils, their benefits and how they can be used in soapmaking and how to colour your soaps naturally using botanical powders, infusions and clays.

You will get to make your own soap using your own special blend of essential oils, botanicals and natural colourants to make a totally unique soap, just for you.

Workshop Dates:

+ Soap Making Workshops at The Fold!

Beginner Soap Making Workshop

Location: Studio 10, The Fold, Bransford, WR6 5JB

Time: 10am-2pm

Price: £75

These beginner soap making workshops will be held at my studio at The Fold.

Thursday 15th August, 10am-2pm

Tuesday 20th August, 10am-2pm

Saturday 7th September, 10am-2pm

Tuesday 17th September, 10am-2pm

Saturday 5th October, 10am-2pm

Wednesday 16th October, 10am-2pm

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